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ZC-G4T GSM Alarm System with text display
Brand: Top-alarm
Model: ZC-G40T
Frequency: 868/433Mhz
Color: White
Dimension: 168 x 112 x 26mm
Package: 8pcs/carton
Original: $65.00

*Touch keypad, GSM alarm system with LCD multi language display

*Multi-languages optional (English, German, French, Russian…etc.)

*868/433 Mhz

*120 wireless defence areas(30*4), extensible 2 wired zones ,

*5 groups of alarm telephone & SMS numbers, 10 remote controllers

*Smart Doors & windows sensor to monitor door/windows status(open or close)

*wireless doorbell function

*8 zone electrical appliance control and 8 groups of scene control

*Prompt function of defence ares detection in disarm conditions , can track the children&elderly  

*Detectors low-voltage alarm, and display the low-voltage detector name and location ;

*Bypass and open each defence area , defence areas type, enter time delay

*High capacity lithium battery,wireless PIR,door sensor with rechargeable lithium battery,new keyfob and wireless siren

*A "black box" data record function, can store 99 operation and alarm information;

*Compatible with “CID” protocol;