ZC-30A user manual.pdf
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ZC-G30 Classic GSM alarm system
Brand: Top-alarm
Model: ZC-G30
Frequency: 433/315 Mhz
Color: White/Black
Dimension: 18*13.5*3.3CM
Package: 10 pcs/carton
Original: $42.00

1. 7 wired defense zones,99 wireless defense zones    

2.One key arm function,5 keyfobs at most.                            

3.Operation voice prompts of English, Spanish,French,Russia, Germany,Czech, Romania

4.LCD display,indicate by both Image&text.  

5.Full Alarm type: SOS,fire,gas,door,hall,window,balcony,perimeter                  

6.Full Zone types:24H zone,home arm zone,out arm zone, bypass zone.                                                        

7.linkage to wireless siren or home appliance to turn on/off,Optional.

8.6 voice alarm phones(mobile), 3 SMS alarm mobile phone, English, Spanish, French, Romania voice&SMS.

9.Smart learning code,easy to add wireless detectors or keyfob.                                                                              

10.GSM frequence: 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ

11.Panel Size: 18*13.5*3.3cm